This is Hultafors Group

We improve the work life of professional users through best-in-class products and solutions.

Hultafors Group is a global company offering a unique portfolio of premium brands. We concept, design and produce products and services that improves functionality, productivity and safety in all aspects of professional user’s workday.

We are a trusted partner that enables synergies and sustainable growth for both people and business. From business development and logistics, to product design and marketing, we form a powerful partner that propels our brands and people forward.

We do this by trying out new ideas, respecting each other and above all, by listening to and involving professionals in everything we do. We care about people and rely on the power of research and data to understand challenges professional users experience every day.

Our team is made up of proud and experienced specialists who work side by side with new talents. With passion for forward-thinking solutions, always looking for new knowledge and insights, we find new ways to make positive impact and improve work and life for the users of our products.

Hultafors Group have sales and marketing teams in all our key markets in Europe and North America. Hultafors Group is owned by Investment AB Latour.